Personal Storage

Personal Storage with US

We understand how difficult it can be to part with your belongings, whether they’re your grandmother’s porcelain doll collection or your old rock and roll records, so we want to provide you with clean and safe self storage facilities you can trust. The best part is that our self storage facilities save you time and effort, as well as money. We have revolutionized the way you store your items. With Smartbox you only pack once, we do the rest.

* First, we drop off your storage containers at your front door * Call us once you’re done loading your belongings and we’ll pick the containers up for you.

* Our Storage is climate controlled and our boxes are made out of wood, preventing any possible climate damage.

* We have 24-hour security and a fire suppression system at our storage facility for your peace of mind. Call us at +97150 22 50 749 or email us today to find out more about our self storage facilities.